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Static image vision system METASTOP
METASTOP can monitor the printing quality in real-time using the color display.

Static image vision system (STPV series) can be mounted on Rotogravure Printing Presses, Business forms Printing Presses, Inspection Rewinders, etc., assuring visual inspection of real time printed quality controls. Highly efficient in visual inspection of, especially, color registrations, color tones, mesh dots, doctor lines, defects in fine letters/bar codes, etc.

STPV SeriesSTPV Series

Look these strong points of METASTOP

Super high resolution capability by 3 CCD camera
Automatic scanning mode
Continuous scanning by traversing between both right and left.
Setting of right position and left position is web width and value between the two points.
Split image mode
Contrast monitoring between memorized image and current one is shown on split screen.
Positioning memory mode
Up to 8 scanning areas can be memorized and update image in the area is monitored.
Interlocking with defects detector
Print defect image can be monitored by inter locking with defects detector.
METASTOP is manufactured and guaranteed by the printing machine manufacturer, so that the maintenance of the machine afterwards is secured.
The 10 times zoom lens enables to check the expansion of dots and thin line.

Standard Composition

Traverse unit (included Controller)
Camera unit (included a stroboscope and a zoom lens)
23 inches widescreen monitor
Cable (for connecting to a keyboard or a monitor)
Rotary encoder (not include a coupling)

STPV Specifications

Max. printing speed 400m/min
Max. web width 1300mm (MAX)
Camera 3 CCD camera (370,000 pixel)
Lens 12 time electric zoom
Lens control Focus iris zoom
Visual field range 11(H) × 8.5(V) × 101(H) × 77.5(V)mm
Environment of operation Temprature; 040
Humidity; 3090% (w/o dew condensation)