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FUJI Two Liquid Supply Equipment FVSC-L5
For solvent free laminate processing


1. The normal mixture ratio is always maintained by the feedback control of the pouring volume.
2. The mixing machine employs the dynamic mixing system.
3. There is no adverse current of adhesive even if the difference in a viscosity of the main agents and the hardening agent is large, because the supply method of two liquid to a mixing part is devised.
4. Special jacket heater is used for the humidification of adhesives and exact temperature control is realized.

FVSC Series

Two liquid supply equipment FVSC-L5 Specifications

Size of the machine W1000mm × L850mm × (Incl. Arm Part 2100mm) × H1700mm
Weight 350kg
Power Supply 200V  5KW (25A)
Preset temperature Tank:30℃~200℃  Tube:30℃~150℃
Discharge capacity It changes with adhesives.
Please ask us separately for details.