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FUJI Ink Viscosity Controller

Automatic Viscosity Controller and Circulation System for ink and paint
FUJI Viscosity Controller, FVC series, is a circulation system of adjusting automatically to keep the viscosity of ink and paint constantly in print or paint operation.

FVC-100D3 FVC-150D3

VHF Series

FVC-100D3S FVC-150D3S


VHF Series

Ink Viscosity Controller Specifications

  FVC-100D3 FVC-150D3
Hose Discharge Hose
(w/ nozzle, fixed clip)
φ10×φ6.5×2.5m φ12×φ8×2.5m
(Double layers hose) Suction Hose
(w / strainer)
φ12×φ8×2.5m φ12×φ9×2.5m
Required air pressure   0.40MPa(3.92kg/cm2) 0.35MPa(3.43kg/cm2)
Air consumption At drive with solvent circulation 40 l / min 85 l / min
At drive with air beating 45 l / min 100 l / min
At washing with solvent circulation 120 l / min 120 l / min
At washing with air beating 170 l / min 180 l / min
Ink Circulation
1330sec. with Zahn cup #3 4.7~2.6 l / min 10.9~5.4 l / min
15 sec. with Zhan cup #3 4.1 l / min 9.3 l / min