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L5 series is the machine which is highly concerned about environment with high quality and non-pollution.

L5 series is equipped with super-tension and LOSLES winding system as standard. To reduce material waste, various types of technology are adopted. It is easy to operate, achieving higher operating rate.

L5 Series

Solvent Free Laminator L5 type Specifications

Kinds of web Plastic Film
Max. web width 1050, 1150, 1250mm
Max. machine speed 200m/min, 250m/min, 300m/min
Coating type Four Squeezed Roll Coating
Max. unwinding & rewinding diameter φ600, φ800, φ1,000mm

Double liquid supply equipment FVSC-L5 For solvent free laminator
(See the FVSC-L5 for detailed information)