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Representative:President Takamasa Wada

Since our establishment in 1951, FUJI KIKAI KOGYO has contributed to society’s industrialization by providing products ahead of the age and users’ needs, based on our company slogan to "sell ideas". In recent years, we have witnessed extraordinary speed and momentum of technological innovation in all fields which makes our assignments more varied and complex.
With such background in mind, FUJI KIKAI KOGYO aims to stand by with our customers to address their needs, and provide thorough services. In the past, we merely supplied machineries, but we are now moving towards a company which can assist our customers to streamline business in a comprehensive manner. We are doing our best to achieve such goal by training our personnel, strengthening research and development, re-examining management practices, and so on.
We look forward to a successful working relationship withal our customers in the future.


Representative:President Takamasa Wada